Exam information

A range of internal and external examinations take place during the school year. The tables and downloads below shows the exam schedule for 2017-2018:

Exam Dates (2017-2018)

 Term 2
30 Oct - 19 Dec
Term 3
4 Jan - 9 Feb
Term 4
19 Feb - 29 March
Term 5
16 April - 25 May
Term 6
4 June - 20 July
Year 7Maths Challenge
(26 April, 8:45am)
Year 7 Progress Tests (in class)
(18th-22nd June)
Year 8Year 8 Progress Tests (in Hall)
(15th Jan-19th Jan)
Maths Challenge (in Hall)
(26 April, 8:45am)
Year 9Maths Challenge (in Hall)
(1 February, 8:45am)
Year 9 Exams (Hall)
English, Mathematics
RS, Science & Options
(18th-29th June)
Year 10Maths Challenge
(1 February, 8:45am)
MFL Mock Orals
(23rd-29th March)
Year 10 Mock Exams (in Hall)
(16th-27th April)
Y10 BTEC Children’s Play Exam (in Hall)
(16th May)
Year 11MFL Mock Orals 1st Set
(20th-24th November)

GCSE 1st Set of Mock Exams - all subjects
(in Hall)
(27th Nov-8th Dec)

Art Exam
(12 December)

Dance Devised Project
(22nd November)
(in drama studio)
Music Performing Exams
(29th-30th January)
MFL Mock Orals, 2nd set
(19th-23rd February)

GCSE 2nd Set of Mock Exams - all subjects
(in Hall)
(26th February-13th March)

GCSE Food Practical Final Exam
(15th March)

Final Art Exam
(23rd and 26th March)
GCSE Final Exams (in Hall)
(14th May- 21st June)

Final GCSE MFL Orals
(16-27 April)

Moderation dates
Dance - 19 April
Drama - 21st March
PE - 27 April
GCSE Final Exams (in Hall)
(14th May- 21st June)

(22nd June)

Please contact the Examinations Officer on 01491 636843 or email vfarman@gillotts.org.uk if you have any queries.

For a timetable of Year 11 revision sessions, please click here.

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