Please note our uniform supplier is on holiday after half term. Orders placed via email on or before Tuesday 31st October will be available for collection when term restarts on Monday 6th November. Any orders placed after that date will be available for collection from Monday 13th November.


All students at Gillotts are expected to wear school uniform.

Gillotts’ uniform is intended to be smart, simple, functional and value for money. Standards of uniform are very high and we assume, by selecting Gillotts for your child, you will accept our policy and support us in maintaining these standards.

The uniform list can be found below, but the following additional comments may also help:

  • No jewellery apart from a maximum of two small stud earrings, one in the lobe of each ear.
  • No extreme hair styles or non natural colour.
  • No make-up or nail polish may be worn.
  • Plain brown, grey or black belts that fit through trouser belt loops may be worn. Non uniform scarves may be worn outdoors.
  • No canvas shoes or trainers.
  • No jeans or denim.

Outdoor coats and hoodies may not be worn in the classroom.

Muslim girls who wish to wear hijabs may do so provided the fabric is plain, light weight and dark blue or black. Garments covering the face or whole body are not permitted. Jewish boys may wear a skullcap and Sikh boys may wear a turban. A lightweight gold or silver chain with a small religious symbol is permissible.

PE Kit: High standards of appearance are very much in evidence in PE and games. Students will be expected to wear proper Gillotts kit that is suitable for the activity they are involved in. The PE staff will tell your child what activity they are doing and what kit to bring for each lesson. Ideally, all PE, games and dance kit should have the student’s name or initials embroidered on the OUTSIDE left hand side as well as a name tape sewn on the inside.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children come to school in correct uniform. Staff will monitor that students are wearing correct uniform at all times. Non-uniform items will be confiscated. Black soft shoes & other items of uniform can be borrowed from the Student Services. Students may be sent home to change, or taken out of lessons, should this not be possible.

Students will often ‘pressure’ parents into buying non-uniform items under the pretext that others are wearing them. Parents are advised to contact their child’s tutor if they are uncertain about any item.

All items of uniform should be named.

In the case of financial difficulties, please contact your child’s tutor.

Requests to vary the uniform for particular reasons, such as medical needs supported by a doctor, will always be carefully considered.

The Headteacher’s decision on matters of uniform is final.

Boys’ uniformGirls’ uniform
Black shoes, closed back and front (no trainers, boots, sandals)Black shoes, closed back and front (no trainers, boots, sandals)
White or black socksWhite or black socks
Black or flesh coloured tights
Plain black or dark grey tailored trousers (no jeans, cords, canvas, denim or cargo style)Regulation Gillotts black school skirt worn to the knee
Plain black or dark grey tailored trousers (no jeans, cords, canvas, denim or cargo style. NO leggings or skin tight styles)
Navy blue Gillotts School sweatshirtNavy blue Gillotts School sweatshirt
Navy blue Gillotts School polo shirtNavy blue Gillotts School polo shirt
Gillotts School outer coat/fleece or hoodie or plain single colour outdoor coat (no large logos or non-Gillotts hoodies, no denim, leather, leather look or suede)Gillotts School outer coat/fleece or hoodie or plain single colour outdoor coat (no large logos or non-Gillotts hoodies, no denim, leather, leather look or suede)

PE Uniform

Games, PE and Dance KitAvailable from GillottsGames, PE and Dance KitAvailable from Gillotts
Indoor and summer outdoorIndoor
Gillotts gym vest (navy/sky)Leotard (black)
Plain round neck white t-shirt (optional)Gillotts sports polo shirt (navy/sky)
Gym shorts (white)Black leggings
Cricket whites (optional)Summer and winter outdoor
White socksGillotts sports polo shirt (navy/sky)
Winter outdoorCycling shorts (navy)
Gillotts Rugby Shirt (navy/sky)Games Skort (navy/sky)
Sports shorts (navy/sky) Summer outdoor
Plain navy blue socksWhite socks
Shin padsTrainers
Boots suitable for rugby and footballTennis whites (optional)
Thermal baselayer (navy) (optional)Tennis racket (optional)
Winter outdoor
Plain navy blue socks
Shin pads
Football or Astroturf boots
Hockey stick
Thermal baselayer (navy) (optional)

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